How to get a job

Are you a person who is willing to succeed by living a beautiful life? Do you have the determination to pursue a successful job career? Do you have the passion to stay motivated by doing a job that you truly love?

Yes, Yes and Yes?

Yes, you have just come to the right place to learn the art of finding the right job for you. Finding a job in is not rocket science, therefore you may follow the following steps to find the correct path ahead for your career.


Identify Your Dream Career

If you feel that you have already identified your career path, please skip this step.

Identifying the exact career path is an essential task if you are to find the right job that matches your passion and skills. It is important that you have skills and the knowledge in a certain area or multiple areas, so that the employers will have a reason to hire you.

In case you are not sure of what you possess in terms of skills, you may proceed ahead to do a online self-assessment test to find out what you are really capable of. You may also contact the university Career Guidance Units for further clarifications if it is possible. With a proper knowledge about the industry that you love to work in, it becomes much easier for you to kickstart or continue your career.


Job Nature?

This step is fairly simple as you have to decide the nature of job that you intend to apply for. There are basically two types of jobs and they are “Full Time” and “Part Time”.

The selection of this job type depends on your availability and other requirements of you. It is up to you to decide the best type of job and My Lucky Job can certainly help you in this cause as we are experts in helping people to find jobs. Register with us through the form given below to receive latest job offers in.


Getting Your CV and Cover Letter Ready

The CV plays an integral role in any kind of job selection criteria. Will having just a CV be enough? No! Your objective must be to make your CV stand out from the rest. The CV should ideally have the following features.

  • Specifically composed to match the vacancy
  • Well written content and not having more than 2 pages
  • Highlighting professional strengths
  • Simple design
  • Errors free

The cover letter should be written focusing the specific job that you are applying and proper cover letter samples can be found online with a bit of researching.

LinkedIn Profile

In an era where each and every person has a digitized life thanks to various social media channels, LinkedIn plays its role as a professional social media channel. With LinkedIn, you can represent your professional life with an excellent profile interface. The employers will be more than interested in finding out your LinkedIn profile before hiring you. LinkedIn also suggests available job positions, allowing you to apply to them through their social network. Hurry up and build a LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one yet. Got a LinkedIn profile? Improve it and make it stand out from your competitors.


How to Find Jobs

This is the tricky part in the process of job hunting. As a job seeker, your primary objective is to find a job and to do so, you need to sign up with recruitment agencies to increase the potential of being picked by employers. There are many reputed recruitment agencies including My Lucky Job and they can certainly help you find job opportunities for you.

Should you let agencies take care of job finding process and rest? NO! You should be proactive in terms of job seeking. While the recruitment agencies analyze jobs for your qualifications, you should invest your time to find jobs yourself. But how?

  • You can join newly formed startups
  • You can directly contact employers through their “Careers” pages
  • You can refer to newspapers for job opportunities
  • You can refer to online job boards
  • You can connect with friends and keep on looking for jobs through friends
  • You can visit events, conferences, meetups and social events to showcase your skills.
  • You can even start your own business



Feel like finding a job is tedious task? Contact My Lucky Job over 02036378127. We are glad to guide you through the process of job seeking to bring you success.

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